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I believe wholeheartedly in the Infinite Potential inside all of us. The services I provide are aimed at helping to bring that out you. We are all different and have different things to offer the world.

A a very old tree rooted to the ground, part of this world and the universe at large.
An ancient tree rooted in this world but made from the same atoms as the rest of the universe. We are all one.

My own journey of self exploration started around 20 years ago, due to the desire to find the truth of life and myself. This was also fuelled by the dissatisfaction with my own thoughts, and beliefs about myself.  Throughout this time, I have met some amazing teachers, people, researched theories an concepts that have helped me to find my own potential, and understanding the world.

The services I offer are things that have helped me to create a more peaceful and positive mindset, which therefore creates a more content life.

My journey still continues and by no means have I finished my exploration of myself or life. However I am passionate about sharing what I have learnt, the places I have been, and people who have helped me with others, in the hope that it also helps anyone out there who is struggling, or just wants to explore more of their infinite potential.