Reiki Attunements 1&2

Learn to be one a Reiki practitioner, enabling you to either use it on yourself, family and friends, or offer it to the general public.

Receiving a Reiki Attunements opens up your energetic pathways allowing reiki energy to flow through your body.

In Reiki 1 Attunements the student is opened up to be able to use reiki on themselves for self healing methods. You also learn about hand positions.

Reiki 2 attunes you to the first 3 Reiki symbols, allowing you to connect deeper to the universal energy, as well as drawing on the qualities of the symbols, such as peer, emotional healing and distance healing.

What does it feel like:

The experience of a reiki attunement is different for everyone, some people feel lightness enter their body, some feel a tingling sensation, some may see images, whatever happens, the Reiki Master opens up your channels to be able to allow the free flow of reiki energy.

There is then a period of using this on yourself, to become accustomed to the process.

During the training I will go through the Origins of Reiki, the energy body and how it works, the benefits of Reiki, using it in your life and with family and friends, protecting yourself energetically, and answer any other questions that come up.

The day is 10 – 4 pm

Reiki 1 Attunements are £100

Reiki 2 Attunements are £140