Law of Attraction

How can the law of attraction help you
The Law of Attraction – if harnessed a powerful tool for good

This Course / Workshop explores  the way in which our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create our reality. It explores the energetic affect of where we place our attention, on our life situations.

It is a fascinating explanation of how our mind works, along with the theory of creating the life we want. It includes creating vision boards and other tools that help the manifestation process. 

It is designed to be interactive.

spirituality at sunset
Setting an intention at sunset

This can be delivered as a workshop – 5 hours long with a break in the middle.

 £350 to your organisation or £30 per participant

It can also be delivered as a 6 week course for 1 hour per week.

Cost £450 to your organisation or £40 per participant 

Please contact us to find out more, and to see if there is a course being delivered near you.